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    • Internet Settings

      NBN, Fixed Wireless & Seacrest settings DNS SettingsPrimary DNS: Secondary DNS: Router SettingsAuthentication Protocol: PPPoE PPP Authentication: CHAP, MSCHAP V1 or MSCHAP V2 IPv6 DHCPv6 / IAPD / DHCPv6-PD with a prefix size ...
    • Fixed Wireless Installation Overview

      What To Expect NodeOne Field Technicians are trained, qualified, and insured to safely perform fixed wireless installations at your property.   On arrival, our Technicians will identify themselves, outline the installation process, and with your ...
    • Email Settings

      Email Client Server Settings Incoming Server (POP3): SSL/TLS Port: 995 Outgoing Server (SMTP): (authentication required) SSL/TLS Port: 465 IMAP Server (IMAP): SSL/TLS IMAP Port: 993 Your username ...
    • Billing Information

       When a service is activated you are issued with a bill that includes pro rata adjustment charges for the month in which you were activated as well as any applicable installation or activation charges. This bill will be due at the end of the month it ...
    • IPv6

      Do you support IPv6? Yes! We support both IPv4 and IPv6 on all of our NodeOne Network and NBN services. What do I need to do? If you're a NodeOne customer, you've already go it. You'll just need a router which supports IPv6 and to activate it in your ...